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What is Possession of Spirits, Negative Energies and Demonic Beings

Possession is a subjective state. The original personality seems to have vanished and is replaced by that of the earthbound creature. The two often coexist in a precarious equilibrium; the spirit may sometimes exert just a minor influence while at other times being very powerful.
There may sometimes be a constant internal struggle for dominance, complete with insults and orders in the mind.

Another kind of spirits, formerly referred to as demons or devils, is thought to have never existed as people. There are incidents of their terrible, and sometimes deadly, repercussions that have been reported. Some religious institutions takes cases of possession extremely seriously and employs priests with particular expertise who, after in-depth research and preparation, carry out their religious Ritual, a highly organized exorcism. 

De-possession has the power to completely alleviate symptoms both right away and in the long run. In straightforward situations, it is a simple method to use. However, there are occasions when it might be quite difficult because of obstinate creatures that dig in their heels and refuse to go.

The Ten Most Regular Indicators of Possession or Spirit Attachment

1. Low amount of energy or feeling fatigued most of the time
2. Sudden onslaught of character changes or emotional changes
3. Hearing from your inner voice or some voice inside your mind 
4. Abusing or overusing drugs or alcohol 
5. Impetuous, sudden and rash actions
6. Memory difficulties or difficulty in recalling simple things.
7. Lack of attention or very less attention span.
8. Acute anxiety or depressive symptoms or feeling sad or low for apparently no reasons.
9. Physical issues, rashes, scratches that suddenly appear but have no apparent reasons
10. Irritating reactions to reading religious scriptures or names fo God.


Specializing in Removing Spirit Attachments, Demonic Possessions and Negative Entities.

Spirit Attachments

A spirit attachment is the earthbound spirit of a deceased person who (for various reasons) refuses to cross over to the other side. One of these reasons may be confusion: not being in the physical body and not yet in the light of the other side, a state of being often referred to as the in between stage.

Demonic Possessions

The most common source of demonic possession is ancestor bargaining. A parent or grandparent bargains with forces of darkness for personal gain with the soul of a descendant family member named as trade. This is Black Magic at its worst and accounts for all of the Autistic and Down Syndrome babies born to the world among other devastating effects.

Negative Entities

Negative Entities (aka negative energies) are energy blocks that have been tied to one’s soul. They have attached themselves directly to the soul and hold it back from evolving. Then, through the soul, they descend down into one’s body and manifest physically in a myriad of many different problems and/or illnesses.

Common Symptoms

A person may feel immediate changes at the onset of an attachment like sudden depression, lack of energy, negativity or anger, and sudden illness for seemingly no apparent reason. A human with an attachment may not feel like themselves. They may suddenly feel unusual physical symptoms and may even take on the chronic ailments and diseases of the attached lost soul.

Our Healing Process

It is a gentle process of helping the trapped attachment find a release from the host auric body. The attached entity is gently released and shown the path of White Light of Love from God, something which they did not recognize at the time of their own death. The client feels happy, light, energetic and relieved during and after the healing process. The releasement or healing process needs only the photo and biosample of the client.

What You Need To Do?

Firstly, you need to remain determined that you would like to embark on the empowering journey of releasing the attached spirits or negative entities. Secondly, a high resolution photograph and a bit of your hair or nail samples would be needed to send out healing energies. Thirdly, during the entire process and period of healing you must refrain from drinking alcohol, doing any substance abuse or taking any psychotic substance as recreation.


About Dr. Andrew

Sothida Mannan, Jyotisha Mahamahopadhayaya, Dr. Andrew Dutta is one of the world's most respected and highly honored Krishnamurti Paddhati (KP System) and Vedic astrologer from India, who is popularly known among his innumerable satisfied clients in India and abroad as "Sri Indrajit". He has 25 years of deep experience in astrology and transpersonal healing and carries with him 223 years of family astrological experience, legacy and heritage as of 2023.

He is also a very successful spirit possession and negative energy healer who practices the divine science of spirit de-possession through remote therapy. The client need not be present physically in front of him for being healed.

Read more about him on his astrology website.

Dr Andrew Dutta
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